I am a passionate UI/UX designer with close to a decade of experience in this field. Over the years I've had to opportunity to work for top organizations in build meaningful features for large audience. I have mostly worked on B2B products and had the opportunity to do a complete revamp of product. Apart from designs, I strongly believe UX and PM roles have a lot of grey area, I closely work with PMs in all stages to contribute to the solutions and help analyze the performance, impact and reach of all decisions we take.

My Mentoring Topics

  • UI design
  • UX design
  • How to work with PMs
  • How to work with engineering(front-end) team

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Continuous Discovery Habits - Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value
Teresa Torres

"If you haven't had the good fortune to be coached by a strong leader or product coach, this book can help fill that gap and set you on the path to success." - Marty Cagan How do you know that you are making a product or service that your customers want? How do you ensure that you are improving it over time? How do you guarantee that your team is creating value for your customers in a way that creates value for your business? In this book, you'll learn a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery that will help you answer each of these questions, giving you the confidence to act while also preparing you to be wrong. You'll learn to balance action with doubt so that you can get started without being blindsided by what you don't get right. If you want to discover products that customers love-that also deliver business results-this book is for you.