I am a seasoned digital marketing and e-commerce professional with a deep passion for driving tangible results through the adoption of Agile methodologies. My expertise based on my experience at Zalando, Klarna and HelloFresh spans across various fields including product CRM, mobile messaging, strategic marketing, and product management, with a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to develop and launch new products within budget and schedule. As a creative and innovative thinker, I continuously strive to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and leverage my technical and business acumen to deliver effective solutions that increase engagement and drive sales. I offer my time as a mentor to share my wealth of experience with individuals who seek to grow their skills and develop their careers. Through my mentorship, I can help individuals navigate the digital marketing and e-commerce landscape, hone their leadership skills, and foster their entrepreneurial spirit. I'm excited to connect with passionate professionals and help them achieve their goals.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Mobile Marketing Technologies: Share insights on the latest mobile marketing technologies and how they can be used to deliver personalized user experiences. Discuss strategies for implementing and maintaining mobile communications channels.
  • Product Strategy: Share tips and strategies for developing product strategies that align with company vision and customer needs. Discuss best practices for identifying customer needs and driving product development.
  • Product Development: Share insights on how to oversee the production and review of product requirements documents and features, and how to lead cross-functional teams to execute product development and launch.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Share strategies for making data-driven decisions to improve product performance, including analyzing product performance and staying up-to-date with industry trends and competitor activity.
  • Agile Management: Discuss the principles of Agile management and how to effectively manage cross-functional teams in an Agile environment.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management: Share insights on how to define and develop customer lifecycle tactics within a mobile channel to maximize customer lifetime value through segmentation and content management, and how to ensure a personalized and frictionless customer experience.
  • CRM Platform Structure: Share strategies for deciding on the CRM platform structure and architecture, and how to ensure it works seamlessly across the organization and captures all required information at key points in the customer lifecycle.
  • A/B Testing: Share best practices for implementing rigorous A/B testing strategies across international markets and how to monitor KPIs to drive actions.
  • Product and Project Management: Share insights on how to work closely with app teams to create features to increase conversion and retention, and how to act as a key interface between app teams and CRM managers.
  • Mentoring and Leadership: Share strategies for mentoring and leading a team of international CRM managers, including providing guidance on daily business and supporting short and long-term projects by coming up with new ideas to further improve the channel. Discuss best practices for optimizing communication channels and establishing a localized channel strategy by region.
22.June 2023

Stefan is great both on a personal and professional level. He is a great listener and quickly understood my challenges and what I was hoping to get out of the session. I particularly liked that he was practical and suggested some quick fixes to get my project back on track. Many thanks for your time and help, Stefan, I hope to keep in touch.

19.April 2023

Session with Stefan was really thought-provoking and helpful. I like his references to his own experience. Thank you!

23.March 2023

My strong desire to meet with Stefan was fulfilled when he generously offered me his time ahead of our scheduled appointment. During our conversation, I had numerous inquiries regarding the product and his expertise. Stefan attentively listened to all my questions and provided detailed responses based on his vast experience. I am delighted with our meeting and intend to schedule further appointments with him.

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