About me ✓ Stefan is a certified mentor

Hey! I am Stefan from Berlin, husband and proud dad of three. In my professional life I am leading a team of awesome Product and UX people at immoscout24.de, Germany's No1 real-estate marketplace. Before that I was leading tech teams, doing product management, and I have been a programming, engineering and architecting software since I was a high school student in 1997 (or so).

I have had the chance to learn from leaders who are now CTOs and CPOs in other companies. And if I can give a little bit of that back I'll be more than happy do do so!

Mentoring Topics

  • People Development
  • Team Leadership
  • Product Management
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Delivery and Planning
  • Software Architecture
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Stefan

9.February 2021

1/ list on what makes a senior PO

2/ backlog: non-linear, should have options, product vision will helps to avoid having tickets just for a few sprints,

3/"you own your own growth." I should not expect the company to provide this to me.

4/ at a certain age you wonder if your work is meaningful, at least a bit -> one should put effort in choosing an industry

4.January 2021

Must reads for Product management, main product management methods and approaches to stakeholder management styles to start with, tipps for everyday business of product managers (story mapping, relationship with engineers, team building)

23.October 2020

1. Being proactive with leads, opportunities and learning

2. The importance of applied training, keeping in mind that learning needs to be applied

3. A number of great resources for product management and keeping track of commitments

Thanks again Stefan :)