About me

Hi I am Stefan,

Mentoring is a great chance to give back to others and learn from each other. I am happy to offer my experience and be your sparring.

Since around 8 years I am consulting companies in creating value with ML and data. My focus is more on the technical side. „More“ because consulting in my eyes is a human-centered discipline. The last 6 years I have been part of building up two companies. Learned a lot about how things should not be done and also about how things can work successfully.

Along this journey I learned that creating value by solving real problems demands for strong empathy (I had to learn it first, yes it is like a muscle, one can train it), proper communication and the ability to bring together diverse perspectives.

Do you want a sparring for conceptualizing, architecting or implementing AI-driven solutions ?

Or want to get to know techniques on how to generate and validate ideas for new solutions ?

Feel free to touch base.

In my current role as a Senior Data Scientist I have been (co-)responsible for industry projects in different markets, product development and gained hands-on experience in systematically generating, validating and prioritizing ideas for new solutions.

My technical skills focus on Data Science and Software Engineering.

I most like to apply these skills in industrial production settings as well as eCommerce and psychology.

On the less technical side I feel confident in sales situations, webinars, presentations and holding workshops, i.e. Design Thinking.

Happy to hear from you.

Mentoring Topics

  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Building and operating AI solutions and products
  • How to gain confidence in bringing ideas / prototypes into a real project ?
  • Semi-Structured processes to get from nothing to ideas to solutions
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Stefan

8.September 2021

I am a newbie in Data Science. Stefan explained to me the basic skills needed for the role, where I can start from and what the most important points are. Everything was presented simply and illustrated in a nice way. The session was really helpful for me. Thank you!

3.September 2021

Stefan was very helpful throughout the session and even helped me solve my coding problem as well. He explained me about new tools as well, which are helpful in a data science problem. Looking forward for more mentoring sessions with him.

2.September 2021

My session with Stefan was extremely helpful. He possess a very good communication skill and was able to breakdown the conversion by simplifying our conversation using a picture

22.July 2021

The session was really helpful. As I already mentioned I enjoyed how calm you are and how good you are a listening ear. The tips are very practical and sound logical. Which reflects the maturity level you are at