My main topic is: radical progress by radical change.

I wrote a doctorate dissertation about this topic, so you could say I am the sacred cow exterminator.

Whether you want to change your life focus or the focus of your entire organization: If you want to do more than just a slight, incremental change, then maybe I am the right person to offer mentorship.

* Change is my life’s purpose. I can offer deep expertise on the topic of transformation: Many years of experience in coordinating change initiatives

* Highly experienced in strategy consulting with large-scale, complex, multi-site transformation projects.

* I was a former co-founder of a private equity company.

* I learned my trade at Accenture.

* Fluent in German (native) and English. I recently wrote a doctorate dissertation at a British university about change and organizational transformation, for my research interviewing e.g. James Bond.

* My clients include Novartis, Zurich, PWC, Daimler and Volkswagen.

* I have been a mentor in a pro bono mentorship program at the University of Würzburg, Germany, since 2012 continuously. In this program, I helped many young academics find their way into the „real world“, the world of business.

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Stephan is the "Sacred Cow Exterminator": helping to make organizations more effective by overcoming their sacred cows. Stephan received his PhD for his research on sacred cows in organizations. Stephan was born and raised in Germany and emigrated to Cyprus, where he lives today.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Personal transformation
  • Organizational transformation
  • Emigration and digital nomadism
  • Doctorate at an advanced age
  • Doing a doctorate abroad
  • Six Flag Theory
  • Austrian Economics

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