Hello! I'm Stephen, and I'm excited to be a part of this mentoring platform. I bring extensive experience as a Software Engineer, specializing in data analytics, process automation, and scripting. My commitment to exceptional customer service has been a driving force throughout my 10-year career journey. Currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at OWATTS/OneWattSolar Ltd, I've transitioned from being self-taught to working with top companies in Nigeria. In my current role, I lead a dynamic team of software engineers, product designers, and IoT Engineers. Together, we develop tailor-made enterprise solutions for Intelligent Energy Management Systems. These solutions, deployed to monitor, control, and optimize electricity performance, also include technologies for cleaning and cooking in homes, businesses, and industries. Additionally, we're working on an integrated and inclusive platform for gas refilling operators and cylinder providers. Outside of work, I dedicate my spare time to writing about Machine Learning, AI, and Data Analytics on my blog, [datainsightmag.com](https://datainsightmag.com). As a mentor, I'm here because I firmly believe in the transformative power of knowledge sharing and supporting others on their unique journeys. Recognizing that everyone's path is distinct, I am dedicated to assisting you in achieving your goals and overcoming challenges. I aspire to be the guide I wish I had during my own journey.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Software Engineering
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Life goals
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
22.December 2023

It was an amazing session with Mr Stephen, I got guidance and informations I need to scale up in my career and project management. The steps I need to take to take my career to the next level. Thank you so much Mr Stephen

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