Career Coach with the passion of helping others build careers where they are truly happy and successful. I have a knack for empowering clients to unleash their full potential through authentic curiosity, insightful dialog, trust, getting to the core, seeing the big picture, spotting opportunities, and cocreating solutions. 30+ years of experience in Career Coaching, Counseling, HR, Fortune Global 500, top management consultancy, and university settings.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Career/Job Change
  • - Aligning you career with what fits You for superior performance, success and satisfaction
  • - Giving and receiving feedback
  • - Effective Communication
25.September 2023

In Steve's mentoring sessions, I've found valuable guidance in tackling career challenges. His advice has been a tremendous help when I've needed it. Steve's insights and support have made a significant difference in my career journey. Highly recommended for someone looking for career-related guidance. Thanks a lot Steve!

15.September 2023

Thinking a lot about this session. I felt a breakthrough on my process.

22.August 2023

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