I have been in the data industry for almost 12 years now. As some one who is techno-functional, I love to dwelve into both side of topics. I aim to look at things from the customers stand point, thinking backwards from customer, developing simple yet impactful solutions, empowering teams to make data-driven decisions. I been with Consulting companies, services based and also product based companies(for most of the time) and can for sure share the learnings and your best practises that could help you develop. You wanted to know about work cultures and to work in an international setting? I can throw some insights there if you want ;)

I will be glad to help you out if you are someone who wants :

1. To understand what is it like to be a data engineer and grow in that line

2. Data related consultations

3. If you wanted to understand if career in data will be helpful for you

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Engineering career
  • Business and analytics
  • Data driven decisions
  • Data Mesh & Data Products
  • Career Progression
  • Having crucial conversations
  • Inter-cultural work environments

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