Tamas Radi

Tamas Radi ✓ certified mentor

✓ certified mentor
Talent Acquisition Leader

Tamas is a Talent Acquisition Leader with extensive experience in leading global recruitment plans across EMEA, Asia and the US within fast-paced, complex environments. Tamas worked for a variety of organisations from smaller startup like companies to big corporations. He lived in several countries and had the opportunity of working with people from Tokyo to Boston.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Sparring partner for HR Startups,
  • Job search advice,
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy,
  • Employer Branding,
  • Candidate Experience,
  • Lean Recruitment, Leadership
31.January 2022

Absolutely helpful. Tamas is a lovely, empathetic person with lots of epxerience in HR. He can relate to so many situations.

24.January 2022

It was very helpful! It was really nice that you asked in the beginning if I had any agenda in mind because I actually already had my questions prepared that I wanted to ask. This way it was nice so that we weren't going off-topic or wasting time for both sides!! Also, I really appreciated how in-depth and reflective you answered each of the questions, because usually, people keep it very short and brief, which unfortunately doesn't give me much to work with :/ However, also because there were so much insights, we were tight on time, so perhaps next time I would give a heads up on how many questions i have, so that we can both calculate the timing! Otherwise, it was a very nice session and would love to continue to have more talks with you!