Hi, my name is Tanja. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working in strategy and innovation departments within large multinational corporations and public companies like Metro, AXA, NRW.BANK, and currently Gothaer. My passion lies in turning innovative ideas into reality and fostering cultures that embrace change. As a certified agile coach, I'd be thrilled to share my experiences in strategy development, agile product management, and cultural transformation projects. Here's what I can offer: - Expert feedback and an outside perspective to refine your product roadmap or business model, ensuring it aligns with market needs. - Innovative hacks to streamline the innovation process within corporates. - Strategies for overcoming organizational resistance and fostering a culture of innovation. - Insights from my international career to help you navigate your professional growth. If you're looking to innovate and transform your business practices or your career, I'm here to help. Let's connect and explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Strategy
  • Digitalization & Innovations
  • Agile Product Management
  • Career Advice & Self-Mastery
  • Culture
24.February 2024

Tanja gave me a lot of tips about the Manager role and how I can develop in it.

29.January 2024

Tanja was very generous with her time and expertise, and answered my questions in great detail. She helped provide really valuable insights and resources from her experience relevant for the career change I'm trying to make.

3.February 2023

Tanya listened carefully to my requests and offered several solutions. It should be noted her active position on the task. She provided several options for solving the designated case. I plan to use these insights and keep in touch with her.

21.November 2022

I had an interesting session with Tanja about how to formulate a strategy, vision and roadmap. Tanja shared the questions that she asks directors in order to identify where to focus on. She also provided me with resources for models that she uses herself.

16.September 2022

Yes, it was very substantive with ready-to-go solutions. I got all the answers. Thank you, Tanja! I really appreciate this.

3.December 2021

Thank you Tanja. The session was extremely helpful and gave me alot to work with and review. I will run through what we have discussed and get back to you for hopefully another session. Thanks again.

3.December 2021

The session was very helpful. A few of the learnings that I was able to derive from the sessions were 1. Self introspections about career choices 2. Factors to account for while decision making 3. Proper value of networking 4. How risks are rewarding sometimes Thank you, Tanja, I really look forward to meeting you again Warm Regards

26.February 2021

Tanja gave me great insights into the digital transformation of companies. She shared her experiences with me on various topics such as organizational structure, innovations and culture.