hi:) I'm Tanya 👏

I'm passionate about tech communications in all its shapes and forms:

- 👩‍💻 Marketing & product dev selfie-to-headshot AI platform the Multiverse AI

- ⚡ Sharing generative AI learnings for marketing teams at https://electricdreams.beehiiv.com/

- 📰 Featured in publications like Wall Street Journal, BBC and China Daily

- 📝 Written for Vogue Business, Jing Daily

- 🗣 Keynote speaker at European Tech Commission, Festival of Licensing

- 📱 Comms for tech brands OnePlus, OPPO, startup accelerator and EU Chamber of Commerce (Cybersecurity)

🤖 I am engaged in a variety of areas such as generative AI for brands, inclusivity in tech and the Chinese tech ecosystem


🌏 Belgian. Currently based in Germany. Previously +7 years in China across Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Before that in Antwerp and Taipei. Fluent in English, Dutch, Chinese, French and German.


🙋🏻‍♀️ Avid reader & runner. Committed to principles of effective leadership and building happy, healthy teams

Feel free to shoot me a message on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vgta/

My Mentoring Topics

  • Brand & Public Relations, Marketing & Growth, Strategy & Business Development, Writing

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