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Since 2013 I`ve been working in the area of ​​process and people management, leading different types and sizes of teams in companies from different segments such as Advertising, Cultural Centers, TV Broadcasters, Startups, and others. During this period I understood that far beyond the specific functions and areas in which I played my leadership role (Projects, Operations, Management and Sales) there is a single condition that is superior to all of this: the Person. Everything is done by, with and for people.

Since then I have been directing my academic development in the areas of people management and social sciences, understanding that career construction inevitably involves personal development through self-knowledge and the construction of what I call "The Political Being", one who is endowed with critical, systemic and inclusive view, integrating more effectively with work organizations and other contexts inherent to life.

Through Philosophy, Sociology, Psychoanalysis, Coaching tools and my own experience, I help people to seek more knowledge about themselves, the contexts in which they operate and the assumption of the leading role in their lives, directly helping to build a new paradigm less mechanistic and more humanly centered.

My Mentoring Topics

  • People Management
  • People Development
  • Mentoring

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