About me

After working more than 25 years for global companies (Intel, Texas Instruments Autodesk, ...) in Managing Positions, I decided few years ago it is time to share the knowledge gained with others. I thus decided to become Professor at a Business School and I since them I'm able to help students on their way into professional life. This was a more positive experience than I ever thought of. The Mentoring Club is a great platform to expand this giving-back beyond the Business School to other parts of the population and this is really what drives my motivation.

Inspiring rather than prescriptions: You know your business best. Better than me. So what I can help you with is more inspiration and experience, best-practice cases and a huge global network of contacts. It is less do this, then this, then this.. No checklists to work off...

My experience centers around the following fileds of expertise:

International Business (I always had international jobs, living in France, China, US and Germany)

CSR and Sustainability

Innovation Processes

Digital Transforamtion

Company Strategy


Urban Life and Future Mobility

Corporate Communications

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

(and if your needs are not on this list, I might be able to link you to my network)

Over the last years, I delivered more than 80 keynote speeches and written over 40 scientific publications abour the topics above.

Mentoring Topics

  • Sustainability,
  • Digital Social Innovation,
  • Future Mobility,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Innovation Processes