About me ✓ Thomas is a certified mentor

Thomas has spent 20+ years in international, global HR functions in various industries. Started in the IT industry (Nixdorf AG / Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG), then in IT distribution as VP (Ingram Micro Inc.), in fast moving consumer goods as Corp. VP (Henkel AG), then in the pharmaceutical packaging industry as Global SVP (Gerresheimer AG) and now in omni channel fashion trading as MD and CHRO (Best Secret / Schustermann & Borenstein), owned by Permira, a Private Equity company.

The focus has always been on people and the organization. How do I make people and the organization successful? What does it take to generate sustainable business success? I am driven by the vision that values create value!

Accompanying people in finding their way, successfully following it, "fighting" through phases of orientation has always been close to my heart. Already as a member of the board of the "Rheinische Führungs-Colleg" I dedicated 7 years to mentoring and coaching of university graduates.

In addition, I offer worldwide experience in the development and management of HR processes, the design and implementation of organizational structures.

My specialty is the development and sustainable implementation of vision / purpose, mission and values projects.

Mentoring Topics

  • young professionell development
  • culture implementation and development
  • all HR specific topics, programs, tools, organization
  • Leadership development
  • personell and career coaching and mentoring
  • value driven business performance
  • helping people to find her career path
  • coaching of young entrepreneurs in the early phase of their business start-up
  • Challenging of HR business ideas / start-ups
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Thomas

2.November 2021

It was a very usefull conversation, I've received very good insights and problems that are not addressed in the recrutiement business. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

10.October 2021

Yes, I enjoyed the view exchanges, both personally and professionally, very much. After our first session, I have made some progress and in this session we addressed some potential areas that I can work on in the near future. Also, thank you for pointing out that it is important to bring in diversity in a harmonized way. I will for sure keep in touch and monitor/share my growth with you.

15.September 2021

Die Session war sehr nützlich, um noch mal meine Gedanken und das Vorgehen zu sortieren. Am Ende ist es Eigenverantwortung gepaart mit externen Impulsen.

9.September 2021

Hi Thomas,

Thank you again for the valuable exchange! From gamification & TV soaps letting people lose touch with reality, to future HR trends, and finding my inner motivation that makes me get out of bed every morning - I really enjoyed our discussions. Your openness made it easy for me to open up and deep dive into the different topics. Thank you again for the inspiration! I'm really looking forward to future sessions. :-)

If I can ever do something for you, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Best regards,


4.July 2021

Yes this session was helpful for me. It allowed me to reach out to someone who was more experienced than myself and gain some insight into a pressing issue. Thomas was clear in how he presented his initial analysis into the problem and I look forward to see what additional information and direction he will provide. I think the question I raised, cannot be completely solved within a short 30 minute session. Nonetheless, I think this 1st session, allowed us to do introductions and establish the beginning of a structured repoire. I look forward to chatting with Thomas again.

29.June 2021

Hi Thomas, it was such a great mentoring session with you. I really appreciated all the advice you gave me on how I can address my career changes in my new adventure within Germany. I liked the way you talked to me, the honesty, and the positive and smiling mood you had, nowadays is difficult to find people with that energy that you could transmit, even if it was the first time we met each other. You encouraged me to go further and look for that job that will make me happy, and the time talking to you inspired and motivated me to achieve my goals. Thank you so much for your help and I hope I could bring you good news in the next months. I hope we could keep in touch afterward.

Best regards,


1.June 2021


3.May 2021

He gave me a complete other perspective on my current situation. Awesome!

26.April 2021

Experience over certificates, sharp profile is key, MBA might be of help in case target is clear

7.March 2021

20.February 2021

The path to c-level, self-actualization, traveling to progress faster

12.January 2021

1) Think about where you want to be in the future and figure out what you still need to come there

2) Create an heterogeneous envoirnment around you which allows to talk about different topics

3) When the feeling arises that there is standstill in my position, then the next step can be right