Hey, I'm Tuvia and I'd love to help tech executives, product management leaders, senior PMs, engineering leaders and managers to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals. In the past years I've been doing entrepreneurship, tech and product management. I can help managers become leaders, find their strong suits, maximise their impact, build and grow high performing teams, improve self-awareness, discipline and performance.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career progression for PMs : climbing the professional ladder
  • Scale up : the critical steps to go from successful product to successful business
  • Transition from entrepreneurship to employment
  • Improve your people management skills and performance
  • Restructuring product and engineering organisation/teams
  • Defining OKRs: company-level, departments and individuals
  • Gatekeeping: your co-founders and team can make it or break it
  • Ask me Anything
  • The art & science of stakeholder management
  • Career assessment: exploring the 'right' opportunity
  • The path to product leadership role
  • Startup for first timers : the essential guidance for your first steps
  • Design and build your product and engineering team
  • Setting goals and measuring success
  • The art and science of Product evolution
  • Product or Platform? : what, when and how
  • Define and execute Product Strategy
  • Introduction and expectations : getting to know each other
  • How (and why) to become a product manager
  • Fundraising : for early and late stage ventures
  • Assessment of your "next big thing" startup idea
24.November 2023

Tuvia is an exceptional coach, providing detailed and invaluable guidance.

13.November 2023

Tuvia is a knowledgeable professional with deep expertise in the tech industry and product management. It was an enlightening session where he was able to clarify some questions I had and also provide some guidance on steps I might follow in order to succeed in achieving my goals. I have definitely enjoyed the session and I would love to have more interactions with Tuvia as I believe I can learn a lot from him.

5.November 2023

Tuvia has been great. He has taught me to look at things from the hiring manager's perspective. I would like to keep in touch with him.