Hi Superstar! You're starting to shine bright if you're looking at this to learn or pivot to Product Management as a career path. I have 'impactful' Product Management experience at >100K DAU products in B2C & scaling xto10x in a B2B environment. I present Product Management as an intricate balance of technical frameworks and acquired soft skills using my own content created and finessed over 3 years. I have guided 30+ mentees into product roles, from teaching skills to building portfolios to guiding and providing connections for product role hunt.

My Mentoring Topics

  • 1) Product Management skills:
  • a) Product Discovery
  • b) User Research
  • c) Market Research
  • d) Competitor Analysis
  • e) Financial Analysis
  • f) Business Model Development
  • g) User Story Development
  • h) User Experience (UX)
  • i) Wireframing
  • j) Prototyping; A/B testing
  • k) Product Analytics
  • l) Stakeholder Management
  • m) Growth Hacking
  • n) Data Analysis
  • o) Go-to-Market Strategy
  • p) Partner Relationship Management
  • q) Portfolio Management
  • r) Product Road Mapping
  • 2) Business Communication skills:
  • a) Verbal Communication
  • b) Email Writing
  • c) Technical Writing
  • d) Interview Prep
  • e) Active Listening
  • 3) Educational Technology Domain: Industry Outlook ยท Career development

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