Vaibhavi is a Software Development Engineer at Adobe, India. She is passionate about technology and has graduated in Computer Science with Honors from NSIT, a premier institute in India. She has been involved in various Open Source communities as a contributor and as a mentor in the past. She has travelled to Spain and Switzerland on scholarship to be a part of top tech conferences, sponsored by Linux Foundation, Google, EPFL Switzerland and others. A self-motivated achiever, she has worked with Data Structures and Algorithms and prepared for various types of technical interviews, grabbing multiple offers from tech giants on graduation. She knows the struggles that beginners have to face in the competitive tech industry and is therefore, very passionate about Diversity, Inclusion and Equity efforts in the Industry. A kind and compassionate woman, she is fascinated by the stories of people working through struggles and achieving their dreams.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Women-in-tech
  • Mental Health
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • Community Leadership
  • Software Engineer Interviews
  • Early-career experiences
  • Open Source Software
  • Learning to Code
12.June 2021

Yes, she was kind and helpful. She helped me with all my career doubts.

5.June 2021

yes, you are very experienced.

26.December 2020

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