About me ✓ Vanishta is a certified mentor

I am a versatile Software Engineer who is very passionate about software development. I have worked on various solutions and technologies throughout my career of 15 years. I believe such exposure and journey has built my technical and personal strengths irrevocably. In 2005, I completed my degree in computer science and engineering from University of Mauritius and had since worked for several European and US IT outsourcing companies in Mauritius. I have had experience working with team members and clients all over the world, US, France, Africa, US, Russia, South America, Singapore and APAC Area and experience managing cross functional and globally distributed and diverse teams.

After finishing my MBA(General) in 2012 and being accredited a Certification in Project Management from PMI in 2013, I worked for 5 years as Project Manager and Scrum master, whereby I continued to contribute to coding, Quality Assurance, requirements specification, and learning new technologies.

In 2018, I did a certification in AWS, as a solution architect in order to get more insight into cloud computing and devops.

Overall throughout my career, I have experimented with various languages and technologies. I have transitioned from .Net technologies to Node.js, from relational databases like SQL, to nosql databases(mongoDB, DynamoDB), from javascript to frontend javascript framework like react. I have worked on sim card programming. I have worked on blockchain technologies like Hyperledger Fabric.

Last but not least, I came to Munich/Germany in September 2019 and managed to get a job as Software Developer here and my journey is continuing.

I would therefore like to share all the knowledge and skills which I have gained so far, and provide as much support as possible, to all those who are aspiring to start a career in IT, improve their skills in Software Development and Programming, or find a job in Germany and get settled.

I can help you in finding the right resources and prepare a plan to reach your goals, avoid common pitfalls and provide useful lessons from mistakes which I have myself made. I believe helping YOU, will give a real purpose, to all the ups and downs of my journey so far.

I can also provide technical support on any issues you may be encountering on your pet projects, discuss topics around the architectural design or technology for your project, have pair programming sessions or help you prepare for your next Interviews.

So, let us connect so that together we can help you advance towards your goals and dreams.

Mentoring Topics

  • Software Engineering
  • Learn to Code and/or Start a career in Software Development
  • Get a Job in IT
  • Get a Job in Germany
  • Relocate to Germany
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Vanishta

16.August 2021

It was really helpful to speak with Vanishta, she provided a lot of insight into the industry and some ideas on how to progress now that I have graduated from my Web Development Bootcamp. I really appreciate her time and effort and getting the opportunity to speak with her helped the job search to feel less daunting.

24.July 2021

I am very thankful for the time we spent talking as Vanishta gave me very helpful advice on how to overcome the imposter syndrome and gain confidence in my skills.

12.June 2021

Thanks, It was a great session for me. I was able to get your views on all the questions I have been facing.

2.June 2021

Our session was extremely helpful, thank you very much Vanishta!

You were very kind and provided some great practical tips that will be of great value to me, I hope we can keep in touch.

10.May 2021

yes, it's informative and it's interesting to know different perspectives for my plan.