I'm Venla, and my journey started in a quiet Finnish village and brought me to the lively city of Berlin more than 10 years ago. In my 13+ years of diverse experiences, I've worked in customer service, product and category management, communications, and even orchestrated 3000+ people corporate events worldwide. For the past 6+ years, my focus has been on HR, delving into leadership development, employee experience and engagement, organizational development, and L&D. My mission has always been to cultivate trust-based environments where each individual feels valued, engaged, and empowered to shine. Right now one of my goals is to help team leads embrace their authentic selves and create environments for teams to collaborate, work autonomously, learn, and grow—cherishing the diverse strengths and personalities that enrich our world. I am happy to help out whether you are person looking for a direction in your career, a team lead starting your journey or an experienced team lead looking for a sparring partner, someone interested in agile HR, strengths or future of work / new work practices or any other topic mentioned below!

My Mentoring Topics

  • strengths coaching
  • future of work / new work practices
  • modern and agile HR
  • leadership development
  • leadership coaching
  • training and facilitation

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