I am a Neuroscientist by training and by a mindset, and a product manager and community builder by day. After spending 10 years in molecular biology and neuroscience research, I am now applying my analytical skills and the knowledge of cognitive biases in humans to help companies create great products. In my current role as a VP Product at Product People, I combine people management responsibilities and product work. While loving my job, I was always a so-called ""scanner"" - a person who “refuses to choose” and within the last years got engaged in several side-projects: from founding English-speaking science communication scene in Munich and running 3 scicomm organizations there in 2015-2021, to creating a no-code online school for academics to establishing a mentoring program for Russian-speaking students and publishing a podcast. If you are also this kind of person, I am happy to support you and talk about the time, project, and team management challenges you probably have :) I am happy to talk about anything you might find interesting in my profile and experience - neurobiology knowledge, leading and growing a (volunteer) team, no-code products, breaking into Product with a non-tech background and how to find your tribe and network if you're an introvert in a foreign country.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Brand & Public Relations
  • Career Advice & Self Mastery
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Structure & Work Methodologies
  • Leadership & Management
  • UX, Design & User Research
8.February 2024

Many thanks to Viktoria for an insightful conversation! During the session we discussed my CV, job search strategies, and the general market situation. Now I have some ideas to change my approach, which I will definitely try out:)

10.November 2023

Had an awesome mentoring sesh with Viktoria! She dropped some serious product management wisdom, gave me super practical tips, and even threw in a killer overview of the German market. Viktoria's got this knack for making complex stuff sound like a breeze.

29.July 2023

I had an insightful and enriching mentoring session with Viktoria! Her diverse background coupled with her passion for product allowed for an exciting conversation between us. She guided me on various different topics which revolved around product and people management in today's fast paced world. The session left me feeling inspired and more confident in my own abilities as a product manager. I am grateful for being able to tap into Viktoria's knowledge and experience and would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor for anyone looking for more guidance, especially in product.

21.May 2023

2.March 2023

Viktoria gave me valuable tips on formulating the answers in the interview process. Explained in quite detail what a hiring manager will be looking for during the interview for a product manager position. Very useful session. Thank you so much, Viktoria.

15.February 2023

My session was very helpful! Viktoria is a great mentor, the feedback was very on point and very objective. She took the time to process the information that I provided and gave me some very good advices and tips. She also helped me seeing a different perspective which helped me a lot!

10.February 2023

I had the opportunity to discuss my questions and doubts in a very productive and encouraging way. Our discussion resulted in a list of my future opportunities, which I will further consider and plan, and some [kind] practical advice. The session was very helpful!

11.December 2022

Nothing to share. It was helpful. To the point. Thank you.

4.August 2022

Yes, thanks a lot, I've got very helpful advices and industry insights.

30.June 2022

Viktoria had some great tips for considering other approaches that I haven't thought about - thank you!

16.June 2022

It was great to have mentoring session with Viktoria! She is an experienced product manager and a very empathic person. Viktoria listened carefully to my questions and concerns and provided me with many valuable insights from her experience. Now I feel very inspired! Thank you so much for the opportunity of such a great exchange, I totally loved it! <3

29.May 2022

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Viktoria is an absolutely fabulous mentor. She mentored me throughout our time together and gave me lots of insightful tips and advice on navigating my career's next steps. I also appreciated her candidness. Candid constructive feedback is valuable to one's personal and professional development and I'm very grateful for it. Thank you. :)

26.May 2022

I truly enjoyed our session with Victoria. So many insights and useful recommendations: courses, books, strategies on transition. Simply excellent!

6.May 2022

The session was quite helpful in providing an understanding on how to officially break into the product management career.

10.April 2022

It was quite helpful and insightful, with some useful and hands on tips and links. It was my first session with a mentor, so I was not quite sure how the meeting would be structured and who would be in the "lead" of that meeting. In that sense a short intro and maybe some sort of ice breaker could have helped to ease in for me. But it is also a great learning for me on how to appoach future sessions myself, to make it feel less like an Q&A and more like natural conversation :) . But again, I walked away with some great input.

1.March 2022

Thanks !

13.January 2022

The session was extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing a common understanding of interviewing process and especially for paying attention to my case. Have a fully completed list of to-do actions after our call.

27.October 2021

Victoria was very engaged and was very eager to make the session very productive. I really appreciate that she already tried to support me with my issues in advance of our actual session.

22.October 2021

Viktoria was so helpful and gave me some great advice. It was my first time doing anything like this so I was not sure what I should do or expect but our call was so informative it gave me some clear ideas of what steps I should take next. :)

25.June 2021

The conversation helped me a lot. I liked that you gave me some examples to explain your points. Booking a slot in just two days. Thanks for being so spontaneous.

30.May 2021

Questions to ask during interview, How to choose the right company, The flexibility in a role of a designer or a PM