I was educated in Business, Engineering, and Design. During last 20 years of my career, I have mastered the digital design and management skills, first in creative agencies and consultancies, later in startups and tech corporations. I have lived in many countries and worked with different industries. I was lucky to be mentored and coached by great professionals and leaders. Now I want to do the same for others. For the last seven years, I am investing some of my time and energy to support my colleagues (Designers, Managers, and Developers) in building a better career path, finding the right direction for their growth, returning the inspiration and drive to their lives. I am also always happy to mentor Design Managers and Entrepreneurs. It is also good to know that: — I am evangelising Business-Orientated Design for both marketing and product, design directions; — I have my methods to manage design and designers, which already proved its efficiency; — I seriously think that Sense of Humour is the first skill Designers should master. ;-)

My Mentoring Topics

  • Professional Growth: "What should I do next?";
  • Job Seeking: "Why can't I have an offer?";
  • Self-Presentation: "How can I stand out?";
  • Design Processes: "How to stop getting stuck?";
  • Design & Research Strategy: "How to avoid redundancy?";
  • Design Leadership: "What style of leadership should I apply?"
  • Design Management: "How to build well-performing teams?";
  • Design Operations: "How to organise design and designers?";
  • Business Design: "How to build products and services people love and buy?";
  • Brand Design: "How to present business to customers, partners and employers?".
6.July 2024

Hi everyone, my name is Vitaly, and I am a senior graphic designer. I sought out Victoria's expertise to shift my career towards expanding my professional skills and understanding the best strategy for this transition. Victoria, an incredible professional with vast experience, shared valuable insights about the research field, clearly articulated her vision for my situation, and provided holistic answers on the steps I needed to take. I'm grateful for this experience and highly recommend her as an experienced mentor and coach!

15.May 2024

This was an amazing session to learn about the Viktoriia and other designers‘ experience which gave me hopes and most importantly thoughts for consideration for my career establishment as well for my job search journey. Very informative, professional, and inspiring 😌

4.March 2024

It was very informative. Viktoria knows a lot about cross-cultural and social collaboration, especially between coworkers. She explained some of my colleagues' reactions to me. I was keen to understand what was wrong with my product concept. But together with Viktoria, we figured out that it was not about my idea but the communication issue after all.

29.February 2024

Viktoria is an exellent mentor and talanted coach. She creates a comfortable, trustworthy atmosphere during the session. She is good at listening and pays attention to details. I was struggling with some poor self-management and procrastination. She taught me how to think in scale, recognise patterns, and predict consequences. It helped me adjust my projects, avoid redundancy, and free up much time I'd spent on routine. I can't say I am entirely cured after a couple of sessions, but I feel I am improving.

26.February 2024

My mentoring sessions with Viktoria were the first ones I've ever had, and I felt uneasy and nervous. I didn't know what to expect. However, thanks to Victoria's efforts, my worries were in vain. It seems she understood my fears and doubts better than I did. She was very reassuring and supportive. She helped me organize my thoughts and focus on the right problem with some really useful thinking techniques. We defined the roots of my professional success troubles. It was insightful. Ultimately, she helped me prioritize the changes we both agreed on. What I mostly like about her is how I feel encouraged and inspired long after each session. And what is even more important is that I don't hesitate to take mentorship anymore.

4.January 2024

I would like to express my gratitude to Victoriia for the incredibly helpful mentor session we had. Her approach was exceptionally polite and she took the time to explain concepts in detail, ensuring clarity without any hint of criticism, even when I made obvious mistakes. What stood out the most was her dedication: Victoriia generously extended our session to two hours despite only one hour being planned, demonstrating her commitment to my learning. I highly recommend Victoriia as an expert and an outstanding mentor!

7.May 2022

Thank you for the session. It was really helpful and inspiring!

1.May 2022

Viktoriia is an awesome mentor! She is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful and gave me thoughtful, actionable, and insightful advice. I really appreciate everything I learned while talking with her and I look forward to our next session! I definitely give her more than 5 stars!!

7.January 2022

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