Hi there! My name is Vinay and I’m a Senior DevOps Engineer with 7.5+ years of experience, currently working with DripCapital in Mumbai, India. Outside that - you’ll usually find me sketching, watching movies, reading, and avidly following football.

Among other technical questions in the chats so far I've also been asked, "Why mentoring & what do you get from it?"

My answer is:

While I'm far from being an expert in this field but my intent here is to share know-how that might help. If this helps make a positive impact on someone's career start/progress, I'm very happy to do so. On the other hand, this is also an amazing place to learn fresh perspectives, industry insights from a wide array of diverse community members and thus, improve myself.

For a conversation, please connect via the time-slots on Calendly.

My Mentoring Topics

  • DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering: Concepts, best practices.
  • Career Recommendations: From my own experience
  • Interview Pointers: Asking impactful questions as interview(er/ee)
  • Blogging Ideas

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