Vinit Shahdeo

Vinit Shahdeo

Software Engineer Postman

Technology never scares, it always attracts! I'm passionate about simplifying things through technology. I love to solve problems that involve creativity and innovation.

Currently I am working as a Software Engineer at Postman towards the mission of creating an API-First universe. I have worked with Newton School, Scaler Academy and Masai School where my primary responsibility as a Mentor is to take a complete ownership of the progress and overall growth of my individual mentees.

My charitable motivation, coupled with a passion for what I am doing, inspires me for open source. I am part of multiple open-source programs like Google Summer Of Code, GirlScript Summer Of Code, etc. During weekends, I love to judge hackathons where I can meet amazing budding developers and learn from them.

It's a great feeling for me when I am able to help someone.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Software Engineering
  • Freelancing
  • Open Source
  • Google Summer Of Code
  • Web Development
  • Early-career experiences
  • Software Engineer Interview
  • Hackathons
  • Resume Building
  • LinkedIn Profile Review
  • Digital Footprint

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