Werner Weiss

Werner Weiss

Agile Leadership Coach consistency

Hi, I'm Werner. I'm passionate about leadership: I believe that a great leader and the right leadership mindset can transform teams to high performers. Employees become happier and more satisfied which leads to happy clients and in conclusion to a higher growth for your business and increasing profits. This is what I experienced within the last 10 years as an as a management consultant in agile environments and area manger in the finance sector. Even I'm not a big fan of fancy buzzwords I truly believe that New Ways of Working and Agile are more than short-term trends. For me personally the most fulfilling thing is to inspire and to help people with my ideas and my coaching. I love to read management and personal development literature and I'm happy to share insights and my own experiences regarding many of these books. I'm also interested in the topic of financial freedom and how it gives us more independence.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership development within focus on agility (self organized teams, Management 3.0)
  • personal development (inner calmness, time management, Ikigai)
  • financial freedom (real estate investments)

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