// Mixpanel implementation Code of Conduct - For mentors - The Mentoring Club
  • 1
    Our focus is on professional growth and the inner work necessary to support this. Please refrain from using the platform and community to express political, religious or ideological views that could potentially be offensive to other community members. All disrespectful, discriminatory behaviour will result in exclusion from our platform.
  • 2
    Cancel or reschedule appointments with a minimum of 24 hours prior notice. No-shows are inacceptable. 3 no-shows will result in an exclusion from the platform!
  • 3
    Please use Calendly as a scheduling tool for your mentoring sessions. Mentoring sessions should be scheduled for at least 45 minutes to ensure an in-depth discussion.
  • 4
    When active on our platform as a mentor, we recommend offering at least 1 session per week. Please commit to a minimum of 1 session per month.
  • 5
    Keep your information and calendars up-to-date. If you have extended periods without availability for mentoring activities, please temporarily set your status to inactive in your profile settings.
  • 6
    Mentoring sessions are scheduled as one-off events. There is no obligation to continue the mentoring on a regular, long-term basis in either direction.
  • 7
    Please stick to facts, don’t spread false information, clearly label personal opinions and views as such, and refrain from misrepresentation of your capabilities and expertise. Remember that you, as a mentor, represent The Mentoring Club and we kindly ask you to adhere to our values.
  • 8
    Please respect the privacy of your mentee and do not share any specific content of the sessions or personal data without permission of the mentee.
  • 9
    All data/metrics/insights about the Mentoring Club, which are shared via slack or other channels, are not to be shared outside of our community.
  • 10
    By signing up as a mentor, you are volunteering to give away some of your time and to share your expertise and experience with others for free. Please do not use this platform for advertising or customer acquisition purposes. The aforementioned practices will result in exclusion from the Club.