Learning SQL - Master SQL Fundamentals

Alan Beaulieu

Key Facts and Insights from "Learning SQL - Master SQL Fundamentals"

  1. Introduction to SQL: The book offers a comprehensive introduction to SQL, its origin, importance, and the role it plays in data handling.
  2. Conceptual Understanding of Databases: It provides a detailed understanding of databases, data models, and relationships.
  3. Basic SQL Syntax and Commands: This includes SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and WHERE clauses.
  4. Advanced SQL Concepts: Topics such as subqueries, joins, transactions, indices, and views are elaborately discussed.
  5. Database Normalization: The book covers the concept of normalizing databases to reduce redundancy and improve data integrity.
  6. Data Security: It sheds light...

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Mohammad Arshad Ahmad
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Mohammad Arshad Ahmad AE

Lead Data Scientist, Majid Al Futtaim