Change friendly leadership

Rodger Dean Duncan

How can you get people "on board" with your change effort so they're part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

How can you use resistance as a positive force that actually accelerates your desired change?

CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP offers a step-by-step approach to transforming good intentions into great performance.You'll learn how to:

Turn skeptics into allies

Forge a coalition of engaged sponsors

Navigate organizational speed bumps

Counter dirty tricks

Enable your change to "stick the landing"

Create a can-do culture that makes future change easier

You can do all that and more with CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP.

Written by Rodger Dean Duncan, a seasoned leadership coach and changepractitioner whose clients have included senior officers at topcompanies in multiple industries and cabinet officials in two WhiteHouse administrations.

If youlike the works of Stephen Covey, John Kotter, Ken Blanchard, DaveUlrich, Liz Wiseman, Simon Sinek and other experts in workplace issues,you'll love CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP.

"I findmyself drawn to books which offer enlightened thinking on leadershipthat stand up to scrutiny from a practitioner's point of view and can be put to work on Monday morning. This is one of those books. I highlyrecommend it." - Douglas Conant, retired president & CEO of Campbell Soup Company, bestselling author of Touch Points

"Leading through change is tough and, now as never before, necessary. ReadingRodger's book is like having a favorite uncle--wise, funny, and (yes)friendly--to guide you." - Erika Andersen, founder of Proteus International and bestselling author of Leading So People Will Follow

"Rodger provides a user-friendly guide for employing timeless principles toinfluence people in a world of constant transition. This is one of thebest books I've read in many years." - Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP is an indispensable guidebook in your work with tough issues, tough people, and tough changes.

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Scrum Master / Leadership Coach