Imaginable - How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything--Even Things That Seem Impossible Today

Jane McGonigal

Key Facts and Insights:

  1. Anticipating the Future: The book emphasizes the significance of visualizing and anticipating the future, whether it's a few weeks or decades ahead.
  2. Power of Imagination: McGonigal posits that our imagination is a powerful tool that can shape our future.
  3. Future Forecasting: The book introduces techniques and exercises for future forecasting.
  4. Gameful Mindset: McGonigal, a known advocate of games, encourages readers to adopt a gameful mindset to prepare for future challenges.
  5. Four Strengths: The book identifies four strengths that individuals need to cultivate: Psychological, Social, Physical and Creative.
  6. Overcoming the Impossible: McGonigal stresses that even things...

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