About me

Shalom! Nice to meet you. I am Alon Ben Joseph. Born and raised in Amsterdam and considered vintage 1979. I love people! And, I love giving back, coaching, mentoring and teaching.

You can read loads about me on my website via the link here at the bottom. In a nutshell you can say that I have a curious mind and have a broad interest. We learn everyday and therefore grow every single day. Both mentee and mentor. In my humble opinion I think I can share some knowledge about entrepreneurship, startups executive management, managing teams, finance, strategy, marketing, eCommerce and several more topics.

Why? My journey till today has been blessed and fun. I studied Economics in Amsterdam and New York. I have been working with internet since 1996 and with retail & luxury goods (design & manufacturing) in family business since 1998. Have founded first (internet) company in the year 2000. Been doing independent consultancy work since 2002, including performing as keynote speaker, moderator and panelist on international and national professional conferences and business events. In 2014 I was the co-founder of Tech start-up WatchBase.com and in 2017 the co-founder of Shine Social Club (a social enterprise + foundation).

I have had to honor to mentor dozens of entrepreneurs, (executive) managers and students from all walks of life, of all ages and all backgrounds. And, that in the end is the most beautiful thing in the world: sharing knowledge, passion and enlightening people. Edmond H. Fischer’s saying comes to mind: “It is commonly said that a teacher fails if he has not been surpassed by his students."

Mentoring Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management & Leadership
  • Start-Up
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • eBusiness & eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Retail
  • Luxury Goods
  • Real Estate
Country: Netherlands Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam