About me

Hi, I am Bastian! I am one of the two founders of the Mentoring Club. This is the project of my heart - and I am extremely happy to be able to create that platform as a side hustle.

Since August 2020 I am working as an Engineering Director at Zalando, leading the Digital Experience Platform teams.

Prior to that I worked at Delivery Hero, Omio and at ImmobilienScout24 also and other companies in in Berlin, Munich and Singapore as a Software Engineer, Team Lead and IT consultant.

I love working with outstanding people to build high performing and scalable organisations based on strong values and a great culture.

Mentoring Topics

  • People & Team Leadership, Agile Management,
  • Strategy & OKRs, Project Delivery,
  • Leading Engineering Teams
  • Organizational Design,
  • Managing Change,
  • Innovation,
  • Positive Communication
  • Career Development & Self Mastery
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Bastian

20.April 2021

It was a big pleasure speaking to Bastian.

I received very professional answers and great tips, regarding the scaling teams, the technical leadership insights, setting the strategy for engineering teams and the many other things!

Such great feedback will definitely help me and to my team with the next scaling and creating productive environment to achieve business goals.

I can highly recommend Bastian, as a professional mentor. Thank you!

15.May 2020

Over-communicate your product vision;

Get your team jointly solving the same problem;

Don't over-engineer or over-complicate your product.