The Mentoring Club

As a non-profit platform we're bringing people together to learn

If nobody had ever shared with others what they learned, mankind would still be cave men. Instead we started to paint, then to write and finally to code. And here we are - an almost entirely digitized world in which information flows freely through the internet, more people than ever before have access to news, statistics, tools and social communities.

A wonderful development we fully embrace and are thankful for every day. Yet, sometimes all this is not enough because we look for someone, who understands our current situation or challenge and can help solving it. Or just asks the right questions, which bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

Where to find these people? Maybe here. We are working in product, engineering, communication, human resources and many other functions for more than 15 years. We all have seen a lot and made many mistakes from which we learnt. While we don’t assume we can help with everything, actually we are very far from thinking this, we do want to offer advise to engineers, engineering manager, product manager, comms & brand manager as well as HR specialists and founders. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t - let’s give it a try.

The project started in April 2020 as a direct response to how the corona crisis hit all of us hard. One year later we, the founders of The Mentoring Club, decided to create an actual Non-Profit Organisation to grow or initiative, build a sustainable platform and keep the purpose we started with.

However, building such a platform comes with costs and a lot of effort. As soon as we're registered we'll be able to receive donations. If you want to help us please send us an email (info(at) with the following:

  1. Your name / company name
  2. Yur email address and / or phone number
  3. If you want to donate money: How much would you like to send?
  4. If you want to help us with a service: Please describe your service
  5. Why do you want to help?
We'll contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to become a mentor on our platform, please register here.