Episode 3 / Special: The Engineering Manager as Master Recruiter

In this panel discussion experienced engineering leaders discuss about best practices, new approaches, and principles on how to win the talent market and recruit the best software engineers. The conversation addresses questions such as who should be leading the recruitment efforts, how much time a manager needs to put into recruitment, and how to find skilled engineers with the mindset that fits your team’s culture. This event was co-hosted by LeadersInTech.

Episode 2: Konstanty & Archit about building a business from scratch

Konstanty and Archit met to discuss their experiences in building businesses, good advice they received along their career path, mentorship, books, and how to choose the right type of business to set up yourself for success.

Episode 1: Marco & Büşra about Engineering & Product Management

Marco and Büşra discuss about how product and engineering people should work together in cross-functional teams and about their roles as leaders in creating the best setup to achieve product success.