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E16: Bastian & Ananth about what makes a great 'Engineering Culture'

In this episode of The Mentoring Club Podcast Bastian, Director of Engineering at Zalando, and Ananth, Principal Software Engineer at Humanoo, discuss about the elements of great Software Engineering Cultures

E15: Anjo and Bruno about how to keep team morale up and create a sense of belonging?

Anjo and Bruno about how to keep team morale up and create a sense of belonging

E14: Simone & Vinod about how to effectively manage pressure points.

Simone Neumeier, Business Coach und Manager at AUDI, and Vinod Viswanathan, Manager at Air Mauritius, talk about all things around Pressure Points: - Understanding and Meaning - Common Causes - Examples and Instances of effectively tackling and - List of Useful Resources

E13: One year as non-profit founders / Reverse Mentoring by LinkedIn

Our founders Jess and Bastian created their first podcast episode together. They speak about why they started The Mentoring Club, how they balance work, life, and a side huste, and of course the LinkedIn reverse mentoring program that The Mentoring Club supports.

E12: Devi & Elena about women in tech & career change.

Two women who succesfully work in tech tell us about their experiences.

E11: Mirela and Bruno on Product, Project and Program Management

What are Product Managers, Project Manager and Program Managers? Personal stories about #producmanagement, #projectmanagement and #programmanagement How are these roles perceived and implemented in different realities: start-ups, grown-ups and corporate environments. This podcast was recorded on January 12th 202

E10: Michael & Salomé about the positive impact of authentic and mindful leadership

♣️ Why and how understanding and incorporating #authenticleadership principles and #mindfulness into your life as a leader and beyond leads to increased well-being, and positive impact through more effective and empowering leadership 🙌🏼 ♣️ Personal learned stories from our own leadership and life experience to put it all into perspective ♣️ A few tips and advices on how you can take the first step on that journey and incorporate it into your daily life 🙏🏼

E9: Daniel and Prasad about how Mentoring made them stronger leaders

Daniel Bartholomae is a former McKinsey consultant, serial entrepreneuer and founder with many years of experience in the Berlin startup scene. Together with Prasad Gupte who is a senior product leader at Babbel, they discuss how being a mentor for others helped them to become better leaders.

E8: Vivek and Ainara about diversity in product teams

Vivek and Ainara met virtually to speak about diversity in product team.

E7: Monique and Alon about Entrepreneurship

Monique and Alon from The Mentoring Club speak about Entrepreneurship, personal growth and everything along the way

E6: Kasia & Anjo about how remote work changed their lives

Our mentors Kasia and Anjo met each other to talk about how remote work changed their lives.

E5: Jess & Daniel about remote onboarding

Jess and Daniel speal about their experiences in onboarding new employees when the whole team is remote.

E4: Monique and Konstanty about recruiting as communication tool

Monique and Konstanty talk about recruitment as a communication tool and the importance of managing your brand throughout the process. With personal stories and industry knowledge, we hope it will spark a new perspective.

E3: Special: The Engineering Manager as Master Recruiter

In this panel discussion experienced engineering leaders discuss about best practices, new approaches, and principles on how to win the talent market and recruit the best software engineers. The conversation addresses questions such as who should be leading the recruitment efforts, how much time a manager needs to put into recruitment, and how to find skilled engineers with the mindset that fits your team’s culture. This event was co-hosted by LeadersInTech.

E2: Konstanty and Archit about building a business from scratch

Konstanty Sliwowski and Archit Pandey, two mentors from The Mentoring Club, joined in conversation to discuss their experiences in building businesses, good advice they received along their career path, mentorship, books, and how to choose the right type of business to set up yourself for success. Konstanty is the CEO of Caissa, a Berlin based tech focused engineering leadership and executive search firm. He has over 15 years experience of working on key talent acquisition and hiring strategy projects for scale-ups, VCs and corporate digital innovation labs across Europe.

E1: Marco & Büşra about Engineering & Product Management

Marco and Büşra discuss about how product and engineering people should work together in cross-functional teams and about their roles as leaders in creating the best setup to achieve product success.