Fireside-Chat with Benjamin Mann, CTO at foodpanda

Aug-17th 2022, 1-2 pm CET

What does it mean to be a CTO of a global company? How to become a successful manager in Engineering? What won't they tell you before you start working as a CTO?

Grassroots Movements in Organizations.

01.08.2022, 1:00-2:30pm CET

A giant glitch or a stroke of luck for the ability of companies to change? Over the last few years we have been working intensively on movements from the middle of organizations, i.e. grassroots initiatives that come into being without a mandate, involve many enthusiastic people, and thus set something in motion. Our question was: What actually happens when employees set themselves in motion in a self-organized way to change their company? A grassroots initiative is more than a one-off impulse - it has the potential to change organizations in the long term. Our talk offers a close-up view o...

Unlock LinkedIn

Jan 13th, 4pm - 5pm CET

Probably you are belonging to the 99% of professions on LinkedIn, that are consuming content instead of creating content. That is ok. But imagine belonging to the 1% of content creators and imagine the opportunities you can unlock for yourself and your company. Think followers, think jobs, think marketing and sales, think media presence. Moritz Spangenberg, one of our mentors, Founder and CEO of Unlock LinkedIn will give you an exclusive Blitztraining to establish your personal brand on LinkedIn in 2022.

Building a Mentoring Platform & PM Career Growth @ Product People

22.03.2022, 6:30-7:30pm CET

How would PMs found and grow a Mentoring Platform? What are the lessons to be learned there? And What PM skills and experiences can be helpful in pursuing and establishing your own initiatives? Jessica Dewald & Bastian Buch, Co-Founders of The Mentoring Club will be sharing with us their experience around this.

Expert Talk: Machine learning for Product Managers

Jan 28th, 12 - 1pm CET

This talk will explore ML through the classic Product lenses of value, viability feasibility, viability, strategy and delivery. Matt is an internationally-experienced product leader with more than 20 years in digital businesses at start-up, growth and enterprise stages. As a Melbourne-based product management consultant with ThoughtWorks, a leading global software consultancy, he advises business on Product strategy and practices.

The Engineering Manager as Master Recruiter

Nov 6th, 4pm - 5pm CET

Join this panel discussion with experienced engineering leaders to find out about best practices, new approaches, and principles on how to win the talent market and recruit the best software engineers. The discussion will address questions such as who should be leading the recruitment efforts, how much time a manager needs to put into recruitment, and how to find skilled engineers with the mindset that fits your team’s culture. This event is co-hosted by LeadersInTech.

Founding startups in challenging times

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm CET

While none of us had expected 2020 to become such a challenge it might even have changed our way of working and investing in the long run. So where are we standing today. In a nutshell, we experience a severe economic backdrop, people are working from home and almost all major events and conferences are cancelled for this year. In this second panel online discussion on July 31st, 4pm CET we will discuss the challenge of building a startup during such times with leading VCs and Startup Founders from Germany and the Silicon Valley.

Women Shaping Their Careers

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CET

"Women shaping their careers" - Kirsten Patzki, Mirela Mus, Fani Bahar, Monique Zytnik and Jessica Dewald shared their experiences on how they got to where they are now with 40 participants. This has been our first panel session, we are excited to again have conquered a new area of how to interact with our community. Also, we have learnt a lot before, during and after the session and look forward to our second panel, where we can incorporate many of the learnings, so stay tuned! Enjoy watching the recording.!