Book recommendations for Software Engineering


Gene Kim, Forsgren, Jez Humble

A Philosophy of Software Design

John Ousterhout

Design Patterns

Gang of four

97 things every Engineering Manager should know

Camille Fournier


Tome DeMarco, Timothy Lister

Book recommendations for Leadership & Management

The Team that managed itself

Ch. Wodtke

Managing, Performing, Living

Fredmund Malik

First break all the rules

Marcus Buckingham

The 7 habits of highly effective people

Stephen R. Covey

Leading Change

John P. Kotter

Book recommendations for Product Management


Nire Edal

The Build Trap

Melissa Perry


Marty Cagan

Agile PM with Scrum

Roman Pichler

Don't make me think

Steve Krug

Book recommendations for Career Advice & Self Mastery

The icarus deception

Seth Godin

The Start-up of You

Reid Hoffmann

Brain rules

John Medina

Story Driven

Bernadette Jiwa

Daring Greatly

Brene Brown

Book recommendations for Strategy & Business Development

The Deal that made the World

Jacques Peretti

Founders at Work

Jessica Livingston

Business Model Generation

A. Osterwalder Yves Pigneur

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Ben Horowitz

Explosive Growth

Cliff Lerner