Grassroots Movements in Organizations.

How change happens in the middle of organizations, and how you can be successful without a mandate.

A giant glitch or a stroke of luck for the ability of companies to change? Over the last few years we have been working intensively on movements from the middle of organizations, i.e. grassroots initiatives that come into being without a mandate, involve many enthusiastic people, and thus set something in motion. Our question was: What actually happens when employees set themselves in motion in a self-organized way to change their company? A grassroots initiative is more than a one-off impulse - it has the potential to change organizations in the long term. Our talk offers a close-up view of (German) companies. We look at initiatives from the perspective of decision-makers and actors, address success factors, and discuss questions such as:- Can employees self-organize to change their company?



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01.08.2022, 1:00-2:30pm CET

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