About Us

Ensuring a Positive and Respectful Environment for Professional Growth

Welcome to The Mentoring Club, an open community dedicated to supporting those who are eager to learn, grow, and develop. Our mentors, who come from a variety of industries, languages, and domains, offer advice based on their years of experience and are known for their honesty, directness, and discretion.

Our service is completely free, made possible by the goodwill of our mentors to give back to society. We have already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from over 4,500 mentees, who have found that our sessions have had a significant impact on their careers and lives.

At The Mentoring Club, anyone can join and easily book a session with one of our experienced mentors through our online platform. The conversations are confidential and the mentor-mentee relationships are managed directly between the two parties. The guidelines, structure, and growth of the organization are overseen by founders Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch.

Mentees come from organizations such as Siemens, Amazon, KPMG, Slack, Zalando, Spotify, and Delivery Hero, to name a few. We are actively seeking rapid international expansion and are looking for a sponsor to help us upscale our organizational structure, administration, and marketing.

Jessica and Bastian share a long history of working together at various organizations. They have a common understanding of how to set up successful product and engineering teams and hold similar views on leadership and building team culture based on trust, autonomy, and joy. They approach leadership through a coaching lens and are motivated by preparing the playing field for their teams and stakeholders and then watching a great game unfold.

Jessica is passionate about building products with high attach rates and beautiful design. She believes in understanding what customers want and how to hook them through seamless user interaction and serendipity. Bastian has a background in software engineering and has spent the majority of his career building and scaling software development teams. He is driven by empowering people to achieve their goals and believes in fostering a culture of continuous learning and experimentation.

We look forward to supporting you on your professional journey and helping you achieve your goals. Join us at The Mentoring Club and take the first step towards personal and professional growth.

About Us

The Mentoring Club is a free online mentorship platform for various professions, connecting over 3500 mentors with mentees from various organizations around the world.