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Why becoming a mentee?

The Mentoring Club is an open community which aims at supporting people who are keen to learn, grow and develop. Mentees can expect advice, which is based on year long experiences. Our mentors are open, give honest and direct feedback and, of course, guarantee full discretion.

It is free

Yes, that's right. All our service is for free and just based on the goodwill of our mentors to give back to society!

It is for everyone

We try to find the best mentors across a wide spectrum of domains, languages, and industries

People love it

We received extremely positive feedback from more then 1.500 mentees already. They love it and told us that the sessions had a very positive impact on their careers and lifes.

The Mentoring Club provides free mentoring for engineering and product enthusiasts, marketing & communication managers, designers, people managers, startup founders and creative minds.

The online network, founded in April 2020 by Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch, already connects over 100 mentors from around the world with those who are keen to learn, grow and advance in their personal development. Mentees can easily join and book a session with any of the experienced mentors through the online platform. The conversations are confidential and relationships are managed between the mentor and mentee. Guidelines (rules of engagement), structure and organisational growth is overseen by the founders.

Mentees come from organisations including Siemens, Amazon, KPMG, Slack, Zalando, Spotify and Delivery Hero, to name a few.

The Mentoring Club is looking for rapid international expansion and seeking a sponsor to enable upscaling of the organisational structure, administration and marketing.

About the founders

Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch share a long history of working concurrently for the same organisations, however it was only recently in March 2019 they began to work together as a leadership-duo at omio. They quickly realised they had a common understanding of how to set up successful product and engineering teams and had similar views on leadership and building a team-culture based on trust, autonomy and joy. They are both inspired by approaching leadership through a coaching lens. Their daily motivation is fueled by being able to prepare the playing field for their teams and stakeholders, then watching a great game unfold, being on the sidelines to support and cheer their people on.

Jessica Dewald

Jess is passionate about building products with high attach rates and beautiful design. A product is not done, when it’s live, but when it delivers the desired outcome. To get there, Jess believes we need to know what our customers want, what they do on our website and finally how we can hook them through seamless user interaction and serendipity.

Jess started her career at Adidas AG in 2009 after studying International Business in Berlin at University of Applied Science from 2006-2009. As a part of her role she worked in Portland, USA. She later worked at Germany’s leading online real estate marketplace, ImmobilienScout24, where she focused on product management and led the company's biggest department which attributed to 70% of business volume., In 2014 she moved into a leadership role within the product organization. In early 2019 she started working for Omio, a world wide operating travel platform, to lead product teams focussing on expanding the company’s business.

Jess says: ‘I am at home in a wonderful family with my husband and our two young kids. My husband and I are living a fully gender equal marriage, which allows both of us to equally develop our careers while our kids enjoy time with both their parents every week. When time allows, I am out for a long run or free all my energy in a crossfit workout. Tea or Coffee? Coffee. Sun or Snow? Sun. Cinema or theatre? Cinema. Fiction or nonfiction? Nonfiction. Early Bird or late riser. Late riser… if only my kids would allow.’

Bastian Buch

Bastian has been working as an Engineering Director at Omio since March 2017. His responsibility has grown to leading a branch with 50 people from 22 different nationalities who are focused on product expansion and innovation.

Prior to Omio, Bastian also worked at ImmobilienScout24, where he led the Marketing Technology teams and later a platform department as the Head of Technology (booking, payment, GEO systems, fraud prevention, identity). Bastian has also worked in several companies in Berlin, Munich and Singapore as a Software Engineer, Team Lead and IT consultant.

Bastian’s personal interests are as colourful as a chromatic circle. He enjoys a good detective story in front of a fireplace as much as an autobiography of one of the world's great human beings.

Bastian says: ‘I can code in the morning, jog through the nearby forest during the day and cook a fancy dinner for my wife and two sons in the evening. What matters to me are human interactions, mindfulness and purpose. At work, I love to work with outstanding people to build high performing and scalable organisations based on strong values and a great culture.’