As a certified Angular developer through Angular Training, I have honed my skills and knowledge to a high standard. I have also created a React.js course to help others learn this powerful library, demonstrating my commitment to education and community growth. Additionally, my full stack capabilities extend to backend development with Spring Boot and Node.js, allowing me to build comprehensive and scalable web applications. My journey includes co-organizing the Angular Berlin meetup, contributing to numerous open-source projects on GitHub, and delivering talks at prominent events like the TensorFlow Dev Summit Extended and the Fantastic4 event. I have facilitated workshops, such as the ReactJS workshop at my university, and authored over 20 blogs on Angular topics to help the community stay updated with the latest advancements. You can read my blogs on Medium. As an active community member, I manage a Facebook group dedicated to Angular and co-founded the Tunisian JS Community, where we organize monthly meetups to discuss JavaScript innovations and share best practices. My contributions to these communities reflect my dedication to fostering a collaborative learning environment. My backend development experience includes creating RESTful APIs with Spring Boot and Node.js, integrating with various databases, and ensuring robust security and performance for web applications. This full stack expertise enables me to guide mentees not only in frontend technologies like Angular and React.js but also in backend development, providing a holistic approach to web development education. Becoming a mentor aligns with my goal of giving back to the community by guiding the next generation of developers. My experiences have equipped me with the skills to provide valuable mentorship, helping mentees navigate their careers, improve their coding skills, and achieve their professional goals. You can explore my contributions and projects on my GitHub and portfolio, and read my blogs on Medium.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Angular
  • Cypress
  • Typescript
  • Rxjs
  • Javascript
  • Html
  • Css

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