Hi, I’m Alice - life coach and yoga teacher. I believe that in order to create a fulfilled, balanced and healthy life, strong foundations are crucial. After living in seven countries, I’ve come to realise that the only real home is to be found within. I help others (you) feel at ease in your mind and body, so that you can move towards your purpose, reach your goals, and feel great. I prioritise personal connection, working through regular 1-to-1 sessions, both in-person and online. My coaching style has been described as a holistic, empathic, and efficient. I mainly rely on the co-active model in my coaching. The key principle of co-active is that the coach and coachee (you) together collaborate for a common purpose. We are working together on a mutual mission - your mission - to discover solutions and create strategies for personal and professional growth. The goal is not only to achieve specific outcomes but also to foster a deep sense of connection, empowerment, and accountability. I commonly integrate mindset and transformational coaching in my approach, focusing on facilitating shifts in the your perspectives, behaviours, and patterns of thinking that may be holding you back. I have a broad range of experience and qualifications, including a first-class Psychology BSc from University College London, a 200h Yoga Alliance teacher certification, and a fundamentals education in co-active life coaching. For the last eight years, I've worked with impact-driven startups, fuelling the transition towards a more sustainable and ethical world. My career has spanned various sectors and positions, ranging from project management and marketing, to R&D and investment.

My Mentoring Topics

  • As a life coach, I help people transform areas in their lives where they do not feel fulfilled – be it their work, health, relationships and beyond. For example, you might resonate with:
  • - Having lost your sense of direction, unsure of your next steps
  • - Struggling to achieve your goals, feeling the heaviness of frustration
  • - Wrestling with feelings of inadequacy, burdened by stress, expectations, the pursuit of perfection, or the fear of change
  • - And much more related to your personal development
15.May 2024