About me I've got more than 12 years of product and project management and around 3 years of business/data analytics experience spanning Fortune 500 companies as well as A-series startups. Who I am as a person I'm passionate about building flagship products that users couldn't imagine living without (delight them or alleviate the pain). I am a team player who orchestrates all product-related work by making everyone involved engaged that is necessary to bring a positive change to the product that resonates with users. Since I am a curious person by nature, I love to explore and learn from colleagues, experiments, etc. I believe that the presence of purpose would negate all the roadblocks and resentment down the road and keep you up and running no matter what. Experience I started working at JustEatTakeaway (known as Lieferando) as Sr.Product manager responsible for important integrations with other companies and third parties and within a year has been promoted to Team Lead Product owner. Currently, I’m overseeing 4 product teams - integrations, capacity management, dispatching algo and LiveOps support and plan to add one more team this year. Before joining the JET family, I had been working at Keleya, an application for pregnant women, and was in charge of the mobile app, website, and internal CMS. I worked in a cross-functional team, which consisted of engineers, QA testers, marketers, designers, and content managers, and led the product's development end-to-end. Since it was an A-series start-up, I wore multiple hats to take on data analytics, manual testing, leading tech processes, and user research. Prior to joining Keleya, I used to work at Dupont as a product manager overseeing sales and customer support functions to help e-commerce platforms become more trustworthy and profitable. My responsibilities include all stages of product discovery and product delivery. For example, interviewing users to understand their needs, documenting what users said and sharing it with the rest of the team, and following agile principles to organize meetings to discuss requirements and check progress against set KPIs. My team and I were able to automate the gathering of user feedback via NPS, simplified the onboarding process for our users, and integrated a conversation chatbot to generate high-quality leads. Prior to joining DuPont, I worked for the Digital Supply Chain department of KPMG to help e-commerce b2b and b2c businesses improve unit economics through 2 primary KPIs - conversion optimization and average order value (revenue per visitor). It involved redesigning webpages (adjusting user flows, making changes to the messages, and information architecture), testing, and validating hypotheses.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Overall Product Management (ideation, prioritization, stakeholder management, project management, etc.)
  • Roadmap & Strategy development
  • Product Discovery & User research
  • Product Discovery and Delivery

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