I'm working in the area of design since 2010 with a small interruption when I moved to Germany. Since then, I had a chance to do corporate design service, advertising and marketing design as well as collaborating with websites development. I also designed for an e-commerce platform and at the moment I am working as a UX/UI Designer for an e-mobility company. Having a passion for psychology, the "putting yourself in other people´s shoes" is very important to me. I work very closely with my development team and can also offer support in this area. In my professional life, I divide myself between UX research and UI.

I'm a career changer somehow, so I can relate with the struggles associated to this and help in any way I can to find the correct path.

My Mentoring Topics

  • What´s the best place for me to start or grow?
  • What should I do as a career changer?
  • Imposter syndrome and perfectionism - how to claim your power and enjoy what you do.
  • I´m the only designer, what should I do?
  • Plan your career ahead according to your plans.

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