I'm working in the area of design since 2010 with a small interruption when I moved to Germany. Since then, I had a chance to do corporate design service, advertising and marketing design as well as collaborating with websites development. I also designed for an e-commerce platform and at the moment I am working as a UX/UI Designer for an e-mobility company. Having a passion for psychology, the "putting yourself in other people´s shoes" is very important to me. I work very closely with my development team and can also offer support in this area. In my professional life, I divide myself between UX research and UI. I'm a career changer somehow, so I can relate with the struggles associated to this and help in any way I can to find the correct path.

My Mentoring Topics

  • What´s the best place for me to start or grow?
  • What should I do as a career changer?
  • Imposter syndrome and perfectionism - how to claim your power and enjoy what you do.
  • I´m the only designer, what should I do?
  • Plan your career ahead according to your plans.
3.December 2023

I am very glad that my first session here at the mentoring club was with Filipe. I had a very good impression of both the platform itself and Filipe. He gave me a comprehensive answer to all of my questions, which I had prepared in advance. I also received very valuable advice on communication skills, which I am going to train and apply in the future. In addition, I received great recommendations regarding personal and professional development.

8.November 2023

I had a great session with Filipe. As a career changer, I had lots of questions about finding a job, optimizing my portfolio, and navigating the overall challenges and requirements of the industry. He listened attentively to all my questions and provided me with many great advice. I certainly felt more confident after our conversation and know better what I need to work on. Thank you so much for your time and the valuable tips you shared with me!

13.October 2023

I had a great and very inspiring talk with Filipe. He supported me for a job interview and made me feel confident and gave great tips to make me feel secure about my knowledge. He is not just a specialist at the design area but a person that shows empathy and has a lot to share. Thank you for sharing your time with us, Filipe!

8.August 2023

Filipe was an absolute lifesaver for me on my UX project. I found myself stuck, unsure of how to gather user feedback and use it to guide my design decisions. That's when Filipe stepped in, providing incredibly useful insights into what I should be focusing on during my prototyping sessions. His advice was not only insightful but tailored to my needs. What's more, he's extremely friendly and easy to get along with. It's been a pleasure working with him, and I can't thank him enough!

5.June 2023

I had a fantastic time conversing with Filipe, finding the sessions to be both enjoyable and inspiring, which also gives me extra motivation afterward to continue working on the product. He skillfully provided personalized guidance, catering to the fact that I am still early in my journey of launching an app, and those inputs were also eye-opening for me. Filipe was also willing to attentively listen and genuinely comprehend my use case. Overall, I had a blast in my first session with him, valuable inputs and looking forward to another one.

12.May 2023

Thank you so much Filipe for your time and the conversation. As I am transitioning from a different industry to UX design, I have been struggling a fair bit. It was incredibly helpful that you so patiently answered all my queries ranging from the application of the domain across industries to the tools and courses I should learn. Your experience of your life in Germany has painted a clearer picture for me of the country. That's helpful ! Looking forward to our next conversation. Until then, take care!

12.May 2023

Amazing to talk with Filipe, he understood what was my context and shared with me really good advice. He gave me recommendations for my professional growth and action points to be sure I'm getting good results! Patient and transparent, really good mentor. Thanks a lot Filipe!

6.April 2023

Filipe was great to talk to. He listens carefully and has a really good understanding of UX. He was very calm and had nice suggestions on what I could do to tackle my problems. He even offered to take a deeper look into the product I'm working on so that he could provide feedback after our call. If you are trying to get started in UX and need actionable insights, Filipe is the guy to talk to.

26.March 2023

Filipe is a great mentor, very understanding and always willing to help. his sense of humour and communication is awesome He provides practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional development. Filipe, thank you for your support and mentoring, which is truly appreciated. I will come again and again Best regards Sussan