I'm an experienced backend developer and engineering manager. I've worked in a number of countries like Germany and Singapore and a few industries like travel, adtech, cybersec and fintech. Currently I work as a senior engineering manager at Booking.com

Besides my daily job I try to contribute back to community by writing at my blog, NotOnlyCode.org and creating videos with career advice and advanced programming tutorials on YouTube.

My Mentoring Topics

  • leadership
  • career management
  • team management
  • motivation
  • stakeholder management
  • remote work
  • mentoring junior developers
  • organization structure
  • change management
29.July 2022

My session with Gregory was invaluable. He has a very clear communication style and answered all my queries with sharp answers. I had a few eureka moments in our chat. And I now have a clear path forward on a career change.

1.December 2021

I'm considering a career as an Engineering Manager and wondering how's the life in the big well-known company. Gregory answered all my queries about current gaps and shared his life as an Engineering Manager. I also gained valuable tips about how to prepare for interviews.

I really appreciate his generosity to answer my questions coming from imposter syndrome patiently.