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Our 350+ Leadership & Management mentors are diverse and varied as the topic of leadership and management is. We are confident that you'll find the right mentor for your question here, be it on managing & growing a team, setting priorities, goals or OKRs, navigating company politics and managing stakeholders, becoming a better leader, managing change or just learning about different management styles (e.g. servant, coach, transformatory, visionary). You'll also find practical tips on how to grow as manager - especially now in this hybrid work wold - becoming more effective while still keeping (or gaining back) a healthy work-life balance.

Jamie Roller

Jamie Roller ZA

Senior Manager, Growth Channels
Johannes Meyer

Johannes Meyer DE

(Technical) Project Manager
Roberto Ferrozzi

Roberto Ferrozzi DE

Project Manager Automotive PMP®, Marelli
Yulia Znamenskaya

Yulia Znamenskaya NL

Product Manager
Carolin Engel

Carolin Engel DE

Senior Product Manager, CleverShuttle
Bart de Geus

Bart de Geus NL

Data & Analytics Leader
tahereh raeesi

tahereh raeesi IR

manager, non profit school
Vineet Mathur

Vineet Mathur CA

IT Program Manager, Rogers Communications
Edward Madden

Edward Madden GB

Chief Marketing Officer
Ann-Kathrin von Loebbecke

Ann-Kathrin von Loebbecke DE

Senior Strategic Marketing & Business Leader
Ali Rizvi

Ali Rizvi DE

Chief Technology Officer
Carlos Bernal

Carlos Bernal PA

Talent Developer, @carlostodomkt
Florian Gruenwald

Florian Gruenwald DE

Founder, GeoSci GmbH
Ernst Holzmann

Ernst Holzmann DE

Personal Advisor, Privat


Data Science
Lina Arke

Lina Arke AE

Head of marketing
Guillermo Cano

Guillermo Cano CA

Senior Global Program Manager
Weirong Li

Weirong Li AT

Founder and CEO / Communications Expert
Kasia Gawełko

Kasia Gawełko GB

HR Professional / Business Coach
Monika Orlowska

Monika Orlowska PL

Consumer Goods / Business Transformation