About me

I am a Product Manager at TravelBank with ~4 years of work experience. I excel at the execution of big ideas within given constraints putting the customer at the centre of all.

I have successfully created, scaled and optimised software product portfolios ranging from $20K to $1M in revenue. I started my career as a developer associate at SAP and fell in love with the concept of product management during my tenure there. From there, I took my PM journey by working on side projects on my own, which lead me to where I am right now. I also have an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Management. Transitioning from civil engineering into software engineering, customer success manager and finally product manager, I am very passionate about helping people transition into product management from a non-tech background or from a different role.

In addition to my professional experience, I also do graphic design and also a huge cricket fanatic.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management
  • UI/UX Design
  • Career Advice
  • MBA/MiM in Canada
  • Side Projects