Hi, I'm Nikki. I currently work as a Customer Experience Specialist for a global solutions integrator / technology company. Helping customers to achieve their desired business outcomes and overcome hurdles is what I do, I am hugely passionate about delivering first-class customer experience and have had the privilege of working with some large brands across a variety of sectors within my career to date. To work in a customer facing role, I think you need to show great adaptability, empathy and be able to truly listen! I think learning and development is really important, no matter what level in a business you are and I really enjoy working with and supporting others to help them achieve their own goals - something I get a real sense of satisfaction from.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Customer Success Management
  • Emotional Intelligence - showing empathy and active listening
  • Building long-lasting customer relationships
  • Problem analysis - finding the root cause
  • Customer surveys

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