Hi, Nikolay is here. I’m an IT strategist with solid product development experience and deep knowledge of how to build remote teams of varying sizes and how to organize work for remote and WFH teams. Besides that, I can advise you on rapidly growing successful IT. In recent years I have participated in many Startups varying sizes across the globe. I have collected knowledge in different branches: automotive, e-commerce, entertainment, and many others. I have a software development background including 15+ years of software development. My knowledge confirmed by long years of working as a developer, team lead, CTO, and the MBA Title graduated last year. The sessions are available in German, English, and Russian languages.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Strategy and development of an IT StartUp/Product: Core topics.
  • How to build an MVP
  • Remote and spread teams, how to hire people, how to build processes and management
  • Software architecture
3.February 2022

The session with Nikolay was enormously helpful!

11.December 2021

Большое спасибо, Николай! Эта сессия была очень полезной и вдохновила меня на конструктивные действия.

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