My professional journey began in 2020 when the idea of Easy App got stuck in my mind. It's where I developed the necessary skills to take products from idea to market by doing theoretical and practical parts simultaneously. What kept me hooked was the idea of creating a product from scratch and then continuously refining it based on user feedback. One of my accomplishments at Easy was leading a cross-functional team to be listed in the top 10 apps on Google Play with 59 out of 60 5-star ratings. With a remarkable 53% reduction in CAC (customer acquisition cost) compared to other apps. I get excited about solving complex problems and find that there is no better reward than seeing a product that you have invested so much time and energy into finally come to life. I'm always ready for the next challenge and love meeting like-minded people who share my passion for product management. I get bored easily and I hate routine. That's why I love product management because there's always a problem to solve or something to improve. Feel free to book a session with me!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startups
  • Marketing & Growth

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