I have worked as a Marketing Manager for 5+ years. My work experience includes working on Marketing tools like Facebook, Google & SEO and Middleware technologies. Throughout my stint as a Marketing Manager in a well-established Startup company - Jobuba International and in a startup, I have been in responsible roles as a Business Developer, Consultant, Sales, B2B relation developer and Climate analyst. I pursued my Masters in Computational Mechanics this year. I have also been helping Startups in Funding and Founding. As a marketing manager, I have learnt many hacks in Marketing & Sales. I have mentored 5 Startups and also new college grads from my university who were beginning their journey in building their own business. I have also received feedback on how much it benefited them in growing their skills personally and professionally. My mentorship includes Marketing & Sales Consulting, Business Development, Climate & Environment, Funding & Founding. Currently, I mentor 5 Startups to Build & Develop their Business in Europe. Being a mentor, I always want to create a positive impact on people who are interested in honing their skills concerning Startup, career and technologies. Now given my mentorship experience, I want to be part of a mentor club to reach globally anyone. I love to mentor people who are in need because, in my opinion, anyone who is guided by a mentor will lead a life with positivity in the right direction. My availability to mentor anyone globally is quite flexible. Also, my favourites activities include travelling, exploring and learning about new places, and Networking. My recent travel tour includes exploring many European Countries and parts of India where I was very fascinated to learn and experience the heritage and culture of the people.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Marketing & Growth
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership & Management
  • Startup- Funding & Founding

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