Rene Sollod

Rene Sollod

Project/Program Management

As an accomplished Program/Project Manager I not only bring expertise in industry best practices and methodologies. While serving multiple customer and business segments, I bring a unique mindset from having both an IT and Marketing background allowing me to bring a full 360 business perspective to the organization and teams that I am leading. My career journey has been like a puzzle fitting all the pieces together. I spent 13 years at Citi doing online credit card authorizations, credit analysis, risk management, line management, customer service, & people management to implement direct response card acquisitions campaigns. I took my FinServ experience and seamlessly transitioned into the telecom industry working at MCI in Consumer Product Marketing where I developed strategies for their first calling card product targeted to colleges. From there I moved into B2B Product Management at Cable & Wireless to manage their business calling card product. I then moved to Teleglobe International to do International Marketing & Product Development where I developed & launched their first international prepaid calling card from concept to launch; and used my product expertise to assist Sales and Resellers to build custom prepaid solutions. When Teleglobe was acquired by Bell Canada, I moved to a wireless trade association, leading a newly formed product development and marketing strategy function at the Personal Communications Industry Association; there I delivered ways to restructure the membership value proposition. On 9/11 our annual trade show opened and was canceled on the same day; shortly afterwards my role was eliminated. So, after some soul searching I decided to take a break from the corporate world and decided to build my direct sales skills in the Real Estate industry selling residential real estate. As the bust unfolded I had an opportunity to pivot into IT Project Management at XO Communications & that led me to get my PMP, ACP, & Agile-Scrum certifications. In 2017 Verizon acquired XO and I landed at Verizon leading Small-Medium, Enterprise and Public Sector strategic project/program initiatives in a Strategic Marketing PMO. Throughout my career I have enjoyed mentoring and coaching new and less experienced project managers to help them feel confident in leading teams and to champion best in class industry processes and methodologies. Here is how I can support you as a mentee: 1. The journey to becoming a project and program manager. 2. Understanding how to put the PMBOK into practical use 3. The benefit of creating consistent and repeatable processes and methodologies to manage successful teams 4. General guidance and information about the project management career path (Pros & Cons) 5. Time Management and time blocking 6. The difference between leading Enterprise vs. IT projects/programs.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Career Advice & Mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing & Growth
  • Product Management
  • Transformation

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