A software architect and software engineer with + 12 years professional experience. I worked for financial services, ecommerce and logistics industries. Working for traditional mid-sized German companies as well as Berlin based startups (including corporate startup from Oetker Group) have extended my skills and mindset to be more efficient and communicative. I joined the Elia Group in 2020 as a solution / software architect. I am responsible for translating the group technical strategy into measurable actions, setting detailed plans for products and technology roadmap and steering the development teams. I'm specialized in Microsoft stack (including Azure ). Reading and writing about cloud native, microservices , event driven architecture(s) simply makes me feel happy! One failed startup in VR (2016-2017) and a master degree in distributed systems and database from the university of Freiburg.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Software engineering & architecture
  • Cloud Native & Distributed systems
  • Development teams
  • MVP and POC

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